Mom, meet Putty.

[Note: this post isn’t a misfire. I drafted an email to my mom telling her about an app I’ve built for her, then realized it might explain Putty well to others too. So now it’s an “open letter.”]

Hi Mom!

I’ve built an app for you to use. It’s called Putty.

What does it do? Let me answer that by way of a confession: you know those emails you send me about some article you just read in the morning paper? Well, I don’t always read the article. (And yes, I usually feel guilty about it. Usually. Less so when it’s a subtle reminder that I need a master’s. At any rate…)

I want to read them! But with only a description in hand, I’m left hunting down a copy of your paper here in New York, or searching online by guessing at keywords. Either way, it’s hit-or-miss, and sometimes I just don’t find it. I would always have it, though, if your email included a link to its online version.

Putty gives you that link instantly, so now you can share an article when inspiration strikes. No googling around, no copy/pasting links into emails. It works like this:

  1. When you read something that you’d like to share, snap a photo:

  2. Putty quickly finds it online and tees up an email or social post with its link baked-in:

Easy, yeah? So, please download Putty and try it next time you read an article that moves you. I look forward to reading it too.


P.S. Remember when I would lift Calvin & Hobbes off the Sunday newspaper and show it to you?
the OG